Panther Vision

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There are many ways to contribute and be involved in Panther Radio. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Create a themed playlist--we will turn it into a 30 minute show!

  2. Create a themed podcast list or TED talk collection covering a specific topic.

  3. Record a station ID

  4. Record a Public Service Announcement (we can provide the script or you can come with your own!)

  5. Record a show--one episode or ten--you pick the topic!

  6. Record a 'round-up'. This can be news, sports, or anything else related to current events.

  7. Be a guest on our regular programming.

  8. Do a live play-by-play of an Oregon sporting event.

  9. Record spoken word: poetry, creative writing, persuasive writing.

  10. Are you in a band or play an instrument? Play on Panther Radio!

  11. Try Radio Theater.